Gavin Rogers - Operations Director, March on Stress

Innovation in supporting the mental health of railway workers - March on Stress

In this session we we cover the following topics:

  • REACTMH® is an innovative way to engage with a colleague who may not be receptive to having a conversation in the first instance as they may not recognise they are having difficulties at work and/or home. REACTMH is being used to train supervisors in the NHS to have conversations with colleagues who may be having difficulties to help with a plan and discuss support options when required.
  • Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) has been used within several areas of the rail services, an example of which is with Mobile Operations Managers (MOMs) in supporting colleagues post a Potentially Traumatic Event (PTE). Also used by British Transport Police (BTP).
  • Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW) is being used by several rail service providers to support colleagues. StRaW is a novel way of having a guided, structured conversation around areas both in and outside of work to help gauge where a colleague might be with their mental health and whether further support might be useful whether through mentoring and monitoring or professional support.
  • Some useful research “Attitudes towards mental health in railway workers” prior to and post TRiM Training.